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Sam Rouen

Sam Rouen is best known for winning channel 10’s hit series the Biggest Loser in 2008.  This saw Sam emerge victorious as the youngest and greatest weight-loss contestant in the history of the show.  At the time the 21-year-old shed 71kg, more than 45 per cent of his body weight, to claim the title and winner’s cheque.

There is such a thing as life after The Biggest Loser and Sam Rouen is doing everything he can to prove it.  Sam continues his healthy lifestyle since finishing the show and the evidence is not only in his weight, which he’s maintained, but also in his job and university studies.


Sam has become a qualified fitness trainer, started up his own personal training business and just recently has joined the Fire and Rescue of NSW as a fire fighter. 

Since the shows end, Sam has been a successful motivational speaker and brand ambassador for various health products and exercise equipment.  Regulary you can read Sam's columns on health, lifestyle and excersise tips which he provides to various magazines and newspapers. 


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